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Panic Disorder Treatment Study

Update 10/16/13: This study is now closed and is no longer accepting participants. 


What is the purpose of this study?

We are conducting a randomized controlled trial to evaluate two methods of providing psychotherapy to adults with panic disorder. In one method, clinicians will provide treatment using their usual approach to care (called ‘Care as Usual’). In the second method, clinicians will provide a specific treatment (Mastery of Anxiety and Panic treatment, also known as Panic Control Treatment) with the help of a computer-assisted therapy (CAT) program. The main purpose of this study is to collect data from clinicians and clients to evaluate the acceptability and effectiveness of these two treatment methods.

Dr. David Barlow -- MAP Treatment Developer

Study Information Sheet

What is Mastery of Anxiety and Panic?

What is Computer Assisted Therapy?

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